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Syria Update

April 19

By: Montgomery Stambaugh

SHIPPENSBURG- The war on Syria continues to develop. In a recent update, another attack affected the country. A chemical weapon attack that occurred on Thursday, April 12th destroyed the city of Douma, Syria leaving thousands of citizens displaced and injured. The suspected attack is believed to be a result of the counties own chemical weapons programs, even though the government denies their hand in the attack. On Saturday after the attack, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons entered the country to determine what chemicals were used in the attack. Senior U.S. officials are confident that both chlorine and sarin gases were used. These gases are highly poisonous and harmful to humans that are exposed to them.

In response to the attacks, Western Allies led by France and backed by the United States and United Kingdom, called for an investigation to the supposed attack. Officials ordered the use of missile strikes which would land at the feet of the Syrian regime. They believed this would be an irreversible end to Syria’s chemical weapons program. The plan that was executed used 105 missiles that were fired at the facilities, which caused excessive damage to what was hit.

As a result, Moscow and the Russian Ambassador called the UN Security Council criticizing that the US-British-French strikes were in violation of international law. This comes after Russia’s belief in the recriminations over the effectiveness and legality of a wave of US-led missile strikes on various Syrian targets. The Western Allies believed this was the best approach to take among Syria’s use of their Chemical Weapon’s Program and the attacks that have occurred.

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