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Laundry Prices on Campus Rise

By Breanna Brown & Dishawn Vance


SHIPPENSBURG – Students living on campus must now pay $1.75 to use the laundry machines provided in their dormitory buildings.

This price increase was “not a decision determined by school officials,” said Shippensburg University Housing and Residence Life Director, Bill Yost. The raise from $1.50 to $1.75 is due to a contract agreement with vendor Caldwell and Gregory. This new rate will remain effective until 2022.

We sat down with Alexis Williams, RA and junior at the university who has lived on campus since her freshman year. When asked her opinion on this increased rate Williams said, “It doesn’t bother me when I have extra money.” Although it is only a twenty-five cent increase, numbers can really add up for students who lack disposable income or even those who have multiple loads to wash at a single time.

This new rate may not effect freshman the way it effects remaining students who feel as though the cost of living on campus overall has increased. “I feel like prices on campus have generously increased throughout the years,” Williams stated.

The agreement the university has with its vendor will remain effective for four years. Yost is unsure whether or not the price to do laundry on campus will adjust any further when the contract ends in 2022.

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