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No Shaving At Ship!

By Dishawn Vance

SHIPPENSBURG – Many people do not know that No Shave November isn’t just a catchy phrase that someone coined. A lot of people think it’s just something people on twitter ran with.

No Shave November is a 30 day campaign designed for people to appreciate the hair they have. Lots of cancer patients lose their hair during the battle against cancer and in 2009, the Chicagoland Hill family decided to get active. Instead of using the money it would normally cost to groom yourself, they suggested people donate this money to those suffering from cancer. Funds can be donated to the No Shave November website in order to raise awareness, conduct more research and provide more education towards all different types of conditions.

Shreya Long, a junior on Shippensburg’s campus, says she rarely ever shaves and has been participating since she could remember first hearing the phrase. “I have a few members in my family that have suffered from cancer and this is one of the ways I honor them.” Long states. She is hoping to inform more of her friends at Ship about the true meaning behind it. The money people spend to groom themselves weekly can go to charity. She says she didn’t know how easy it was to sign up and be apart of such a good cause. More information can be found on their website,

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