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Pride Center Opening and Insight


By: Megan Talley

SHIPPENSBURG – Located in CUB 231, the Pride Center is officially open after a year of developing and planning with President Carter’s Administration.

Dani Zinn, Graduate Assistant for the Pride Center, tells us that “The LGBTQ Concerns Committee was around but once President Carter came in, alumnus TrentBauer asked and convinced them to open a Pride Center. Then Trent’s appearance on the Ellen Show gave us momentum to move the project forward.”

The Pride Center features a variety of resources Zinn says will “give LGBTQ students and their allies a safe space.” The center commits to be a place of contact for those who feel threatened by local and national threats, such as the Trump Administration’s memo to change the definition of the word “gender,” which, if passed, would strip the rights of over 1.4 million transgender people.

The same day of the Pride Center’s opening, three religious leaders took to campus to get students to confess their sins. But what resulted was outrage from students as one of the demonstrators said “one’s love for the Pride Center means you love your sin.” The demonstrators and protesting students stood outside the Ezra Lehman Library for over three hours until the SUPD escorted the men off campus.

The Pride Center comments: “We’re all human. It’s okay to agree to disagree. We just want to be a welcoming space for students as well as the community and have those conversations. The goal is to help people grow through their fear of the unknown. We want to educate and help people understand who we are and what we do.”

For more information on the Pride Center, visit Center

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