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Bras Across Campus

October 12, 2017

10/12/17 By: Bernadette Koff SHIPPENSBURG– Shippensburg hosted the second Bras Across Campus event on Tuesday.   The Feel Your Boobies Foundation hosts this program to educate and empower young women about breast cancer.   The foundation has reached over 500 campus’s world-wide. Last year Ship launched the Bra’s Across Campus event as a piece of… Read More ›

Do you like the new stairs?

Over break, Ship took a step in the right direction.  During the summer,  Ship construction got to work and finished a project that many students have been hoping for-the stairs by Shippen Hall.  The old stairs had long and wide steps that many students found hard to walk on. They were replaced with shorter steps,… Read More ›

Shippensburg University Raider Challenge

Shippensburg University’s student group services organize the Raider Challenge to create stronger bonds within student groups and organizations. By: Katie Babinski SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY – Keith Walls is the graduate assistant for student group services and leadership development. They help organize many events on campus such as the Raider Challenge, an initiative program that help student… Read More ›

Fall Fashion Trends at the Fashion Archives

Fall Fashion trends then and now By: Christy Digiandomenico 10/5/17 SHIPPENSBURG- Fashion trends tend to repeat over the years. The latest fashion for the fall 2017 season highlights fringe, fun furs, neutral plaid, patchworks, florals, one shoulder pieces, and slogans. The Fashion Archives Museum of Shippensburg University collets donated articles of fashion throughout the years… Read More ›

New Club Brings Students Together to Support the Troops

By: Joe Rodriguez 10/5/17 SHIPPENSBURG- A new club on campus is bringing students together to give back to the military troops. Rachael Rudis started Ship Stands with America’s Military (S.S.W.A.M) early this semester. Her motivation came from a very important person in her life. “My dad was in the navy for a long time. So… Read More ›

Shippensburg Community Mourns Local Man

Shippensburg elementary’s wrestling team coach, Bill Wolfe, lost his life in the Las Vegas mass shooting last Sunday. By Marshall Keely and Merideth Bucher 10/5/17 SHIPPENSBURG – The Shippensburg community is reeling after receiving news that a local man died following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV, on Sunday. Bill Wolfe Jr., 42, of… Read More ›

Little Free Library in Ship

The Free Little Library in Ship is located at the new Cumberland Valley Trail Head at Earl and Fort By: Bernadette Koff 10/5/17 SHIPPENSBURG — The Little Free Library a non-profit organization that started in 2009 works to improve literacy rates all across America and a class assignment has brought it to Shippensburg. A study… Read More ›

Cumberland Valley Trailhead Centerpiece has Arrived

Boxcar centerpiece arrives and is under construction By Jake Rohm 10/4/17 SHIPPENSBURG – The Cumberland Valley trailhead has arrived and is said to be the centerpiece of Shippensburg Station. Shippensburg Township and the Rotary Club have jointly funded to renovate a 1956 railcar, originally used on the Penn Central Railroad.  Once the renovation is completed,… Read More ›

Sorority Lineage at Ship

By: Katie Sweigart 9/28/17 SHIPPENSBURG –Greek Life at Shippensburg is bringing families together. And for two Ship students, joining a sorority has done just that. Elle Krot, a sophomore in Alpha Sigma Tau here at Ship, is a legacy of her sorority. Nearly 30 years ago, Krot’s mom became a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau,… Read More ›

Off Campus Hangouts

By: Bernadette Koff 9/28/17 SHIPPENSBURG — The results are in and your favorite off campus spot is Cabin on King. This ice cream stand offers signature and seasonal flavors all year around. Cabin on King is located at 227 W. King St. Next coming in with 4 votes is the Shippensburg Select Diner. This 24-hour… Read More ›

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