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Shippensburg University Names New President

May 18, 2017

Dr. Laurie A. Carter is named the 17th president of Shippensburg University. May 18, 2017 By: Bernadette Koff SHIPPENSBURG –The Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education unanimously selected Dr. Laurie A. Carter to be the next president of Shippensburg University. Carter comes from Eastern Kentucky University where she is the executive… Read More ›

Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Dominates PSACs.

May 11, 2017 By: Joe Lutz SHIPPENSNBURG– The Men’s Track and Field claimed their ninth PSAC championship last weekend, scoring 205 points, the fourth year in a row they have done so. The women also dominated, claiming their eight PSAC championship. Chris Craig became the fourth Shippensburg student to win the 100 meter dash over… Read More ›

Rails to Trails Bridge

May 11, 2017 By: Joe Lutz SHIPPENSBURG –After over half a decade of negotiations, the Fogelsonger road walking bridge has finally been placed and paved. This bridge serves as a connector for the Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails Pathway, one of the dozens of rail-trail projects across Pennsylvania. This path consists of over eleven miles… Read More ›

Shippensburg Technology Services Get the Word Out

By: Joe Lutz May 11, 2017 SHIPPENSBURG –The Shippensburg Technology Services Center makes sure the money students pay in the “technology fee” in tuition goes to providing helpful services to students. A few of the services include: This website allows students to log onto their ship username and print remotely to any print on… Read More ›

Shippensburg University has its 7th annual Student Life Award

By: Najee Surratt May 2, 2017 SHIPPENSBURGH, PA – The CUB held the 7th Annual Student Life Awards Program on Thursday, April 28. The awards program recognizes students, organizations and Greek groups participating in community service on and off campus. The participants are nominated through the Students Government Association (SGA) through their outstanding help to make… Read More ›

Helping to Manage Money

By: Eric Davies SHIPPENSBURG –From finding a job to finding a new place to live, graduating seniors have a lot to consider. Some things that might not come to their mind are all the unfamiliar bills and taxes that they could be faced with. For some college students, these bills have been covered by parents… Read More ›

Professor Evaluations

By: Sasha Gunter SHIPPENSBURG– At the end of the semester professors have lots of grading, but with class evaluations students get to “grade” their professors and their courses. Every semester students get a chance to help their professors by offering feedback in professor evaluations, while staying anonymous. The university provides the official online evaluations. Online evaluations are… Read More ›

Women’s Center Celebrates LGBT Graduates

May 4, 2017 By: Eric Davies SHIPPENSBURG –The lavender graduation is a chance to celebrate the graduating seniors that identify in the LGBT community, or identify as allies. This is the first of these ceremonies at Ship, but the lavender graduation takes place at about fifty other institutions. Women’s center graduate intern, Andrew Melendez said,… Read More ›

Little Red Schoolhouse

Little Red Schoolhouse was dedicated on May 9, 1970 May 2, 2017 By: Bernadette Koff The SHIPPENSBUGR — The Mount Jackson School more commonly known as The Little Red Schoolhouse was added to campus brick by brick in 1969. It was originally located in Newburg, housing students ranging from 5 to 21 years-old. The one… Read More ›

ACT Campaign Promotes Change at Ship

ACT campaign developed to promote change in Shippensburg By Myaah Morgan SHIPPENSBURG–The Ask, Communicate and Teach Tolerance (ACT) campaign’s purpose is to confront the uncomfortable topics of racial inequalities, identity and differences among people.   Racial injustices, division and diversity is a part of history that is not often talked about. The ACT campaign’s purpose… Read More ›

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