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Ship’s New Graduate Programs

12/13/2018 By Dani Banda SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg just announced new information about graduation programs. Shippensburg offers graduate programs in business, counseling and social work, education, professional leadership and humanities and sciences. Qualified students are eligible for assistantships and financial aid to help pay for school. For more information, visit


11/9/2018 By Breanna Brown   SHIPPENSBURG – The annual MSA sponsored B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S One Hundred Men in Black Conference last weekend, reached out to students, alumni and the community to address predominate issues men face on university campuses.   The conference theme, “Brothers, Are You Riding?” was created to empower attendees to be committed to their community… Read More ›

Ho-Ho-Holiday Theft

11/29/2018 By DiShawn Vance and Breanna Brown SHIPPENSBURG – Some of Shippensburg’s closest shops are just a mile away. As it gets closer to the holiday season, companies tend to notice a slight rise in shoplifting. A Dollar General manager, said that people get “grabby” when the holidays come around. She said people try to… Read More ›

Holiday Art Sale

11/29/2018 By: Allison Kline SHIPPENSBURG – There is an annual holiday art sale that happens on campus. This year, they have one on December 3rd to the 6th in Dauphin. It goes from 10am to 6pm. There will be scarves, ceramics, cards, crochet headband warmers and much more for sale. They will accept all forms… Read More ›

Receive A Grant To Travel

11/29/2018 By: Allison Kline SHIPPENSBURG – The College of Arts and Sciences student travel grant program gives students the chance to travel to a professional conference. They have the chance to present a paper, poster or an oral presentation at this conference. The Dean of Arts and Sciences created this fund to help student participate… Read More ›

Shippensburg MBA is the Nation’s Best

11/29/2018 By: Allison Kline SHIPPENSBURG – John L. Grove College of Business has had an outstanding reputation for exceptional value of education and could have gotten to the top just by that. Once they offered the MBA with hybrid MIS concentration, they secured their spot. They can take these courses online at their own time… Read More ›

E. Coli Mystery Solved

11/29/2018 By: Megan Talley WASHINGTON, D.C. – The FDA finally found the cause of the mysterious E. Coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. The agency says the cause is what’s called the “end of season” harvest located in 6 California counties. This leading to the agency asking lettuce producers to put the product date and… Read More ›

Cyber Monday A Huge Success

11/29/2018 By: Megan Talley SEATTLE – Amazon continues to break records. This year’s Cyber Monday was once again the biggest shopping day in the company’s history. The online giant says from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, shoppers ordered more than 180 million items. Best-sellers from the weekend include Amazon Echo products, instant pots and Ancestry… Read More ›

Payless Punks Fashionistas With Palessi

11/29/2018 By: Megan Talley SEATTLE – Payless made a bold marketing move this week. The company opened a fake luxury store called “Palessi,” and filled it with the brand’s inexpensive footwear. Various fashion influencers were invited to shop at the fake store, with some paying hundreds of dollars for shoes typically costing $40. Customers were… Read More ›

Clue At Ship

11/8/2018 By Michael Smith SHIPPENSBURG – Six suspect, six murders, and a struggle to find killer before time runs out. The Act Five Fall play Clue promises to entrance its audience in a night of mystery intrigue and a little bit of comedy thrown into the mix as well. The story follows a group of… Read More ›

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