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Bombings on Easter celebration in Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban splinter group targets Christians April 3, 2016 By: Marshall Keely LAHORE, PAKISTAN – A suicide bombing during an Easter celebration in Pakistan killed at least 72 and injured over 340 more. Officials said the incident took place close to a children’s amusement park in the city of Lahore. As a result, a high… Read More ›

Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

ATTACKS IN BRUSSELS KILL 31 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Multiple bombings in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday killed at least 31 and left 330 wounded. Two suicide bombers detonated in the lounge of Brussels Airport in Zaventem killing 10 people. One of the blasts occurred outside of security checkpoints for ticketed passengers. A third… Read More ›

Paris Suicide Bomber Identified

The third man who unleashed carnage at the Bataclan Club last month in Paris has been identified. 23-year-old Foued Mohamed Aggad was from a small town in France and traveled to Syria in 2013. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls confirmed “the name being circulated” is correct and of the third attacker. The man was known… Read More ›

Mona Lisa’s 3rd Secret Meaning

A French Scientist says Mona Lisa’s smile may belong to someone else. Pascal Cotte says there are three hidden paintings beneath the Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece. Cotte says he spent 10 years using technology to analyze the painting. He says one picture shows a woman looking into the distance with no trace of the famous… Read More ›

Pollution in China

Pollution levels in Beijing reached dangerous levels this week. The smog is caused by the coal produced to power cities across the country.From cardiac arrest to lung cancer.The chinese government says emissions will peak in 2030.

U.S Forces to Middle East

More U.S special forces are heading to Iraq and Syria. U.S defense secretary Ash Carter broke the news during his testimony on Capitol Hill Tuesday (12/2). Carter says the deployed troops will add to the less than 50 special forces sent to northern Syria last month.

Isis Prisoner Swap

The Lebanese government released the former wife of the Isis chief as part of a prisoner swap with an Al Qaeda affiliate. The women was among a group of Islamists the Lebanese government exchanged for Lebanese soldiers held captive. The woman’s daughter believed to be fathered by the Isis chief was released as well.

Paris Suspects

French authorities say the ringleader of the Paris attacks has been found along seven men and a woman in a raid against terrorist suspects. Belgian state broadcaster RTBF reported three of the suspects died after the woman blew herself up. The leader’s body was found riddled with bullets in the apartment raided in Saint Denis…. Read More ›

Paris Vigil

Students shine light on the darkness of the Paris shootings The terrorist attacks in Paris had an impact around the world and it has inspired vigils all over the world, even in Shippensburg. The United Campus Ministry held a vigil Tuesday, November 17 in memory of the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. Students and… Read More ›

El Chapo’s Escape Update

A group suspected of organizing the escape of fugitive “El Chapo” from a maximum-security prison in July has been detained by Mexican authorities. The Mexican attorney general told reporters authorities dismantled the group organizing El Chapo’s escape from outside the prison. El Chapo’s brother-in-law organized and supervised the construction of the escape tunnel he used.

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