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Ship’s New Graduate Programs

12/13/2018 By Dani Banda SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg just announced new information about graduation programs. Shippensburg offers graduate programs in business, counseling and social work, education, professional leadership and humanities and sciences. Qualified students are eligible for assistantships and financial aid to help pay for school. For more information, visit

Ho-Ho-Holiday Theft

11/29/2018 By DiShawn Vance and Breanna Brown SHIPPENSBURG – Some of Shippensburg’s closest shops are just a mile away. As it gets closer to the holiday season, companies tend to notice a slight rise in shoplifting. A Dollar General manager, said that people get “grabby” when the holidays come around. She said people try to… Read More ›

Receive A Grant To Travel

11/29/2018 By: Allison Kline SHIPPENSBURG – The College of Arts and Sciences student travel grant program gives students the chance to travel to a professional conference. They have the chance to present a paper, poster or an oral presentation at this conference. The Dean of Arts and Sciences created this fund to help student participate… Read More ›

Do College Students Get Enough Sleep

10/11/2018 By Breanna Brown & Dishawn Vance SHIPPENSBURG – It’s no secret that college students often struggle with getting adequate sleep during the academic year. A survey conducted using a sample of Shippensburg University students shows that majority of students go to sleep around 12 a.m. on school nights. About 47 percent of students said they… Read More ›

Ship Serves Community with Adopt-a-Highway

By: Megan Talley 9/27/2018 SHIPPENSBURG – Two SU organizations are saving the planet one plastic bottle at a time. Adopt-a-Highway is an organization sponsored by PennDOT that allows organizations to pick up trash along a two mile road two times a year. The Slate, SU’s newspaper, adopted Newville Road last year and hopes to keep… Read More ›

The Big Paint Can

9/20/2018 By Delana Burrell SHIPPENSBURG – The Famous giant Paint Can that has become a landmark for travelers along Interstate 81, is undergoing some renovations and is getting a whole new look. The Paint Can has been here in Shippensburg for over 25 years since the Benjamin Moore Company decided to use the eye sore as a marketing… Read More ›

Food Truck Friday

9/13/2018 By Shawn Rapp SHIPPENSBURG – Get ready Shippensburg, Food Truck Fridays have officially begun! Fridays, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., a truck will be serving food for all to enjoy. The truck will be located at the intersection of Earl and Fort Street. The event started Friday, September 7th and will take place… Read More ›

Campus Earth Day

April 26, 2018 By Michael Smith SHIPPENSBURG – The Eichelberger farm is working together with Shippensburg University to plant hundreds of stream-side trees in the hopes of improving the local water shed. The newly planted trees will be used to provide oxygen, absorb up to one ton of carbon dioxide per year, and will remove… Read More ›

Spring Blooming is Here

April 26, 2018 By Olivia Hippensteel SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg University is finally getting some warm weather and some Spring blooming. The students have been awaiting to enjoy sunshine on their walks to class; instead of cold rain and random snow. Since the beginning of April, the weather hasn’t been in our favor. We have experienced snow,… Read More ›

SUMB 5K Race This Saturday

April 26, 2018 By: Megan Talley SHIPPENSBURG – The fourth annual SUMB 5K will be taking place this Saturday at the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. This year’s theme is “Correre Per Roma” in honor of the band’s trip to Italy later this year. Morgan Brymesser, head of the fundraising crew, says her crew has “been… Read More ›

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