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Major Lisa Jaster Visits Shippensburg University

February 28, 2019 By: Isabella Marcellino In honor of Women’s History Month, Shippensburg University ROTC welcomed Major Lisa Jaster. Only the third female to graduate from army ranger school, Jaster told her story of breaking barriers in a male dominated field.  Jaster started off her day at 5:45 in the morning for an intense cross… Read More ›

German Professor wins grant, plans to use money for upcoming research project

2/28/2019 By Hannah Gratti SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg’s Modern Language staff member, Associate German professor David Wildermuth, is the winner of over $41,000 from the Harry Frank Guggerheim Foundation. The Harry Frank Guggerheim Foundation supports research on violence, aggression, and dominance through many eras in world history. Professor Wildermuth will put his grant winnings toward his… Read More ›

SU Concert Choir Holding Cabaret

By: Megan Talley 2/21/2019 SHIPPENSBURG – The Shippensburg University Concert Choir is hosting its first-ever cabaret this Saturday. Come enjoy solos of many genres and donate towards the choir’s trip to Ireland in May. If you donate, you can even vote for your favorite performer. The concert will be in Old Main Chapel starting at… Read More ›

Shippensburg’s Planetarium Shows

1/24/2019 By Tyler Dancisin The cloudy skies we’ve had lately don’t make for great star-gazing But the Shippensburg university planetarium does. Located in the franklin science center, this planetarium will host five shows during the spring semester. February’s feature show revolves around sunspots and the possible effects on our weather. Tickets are only one dollar. Stay… Read More ›

Beer Brewing at Ship

1/24/2019 By Tyler Dancisin Over break, Shippensburg university was granted seventy-thousand dollars to put towards…beer. The Pennsylvania liquor control board grant is hoping to prepare future workers for Pennsylvania’s large beer and malt production. It will focus on increasing brewed beverages manufacturing and enhancing the industry. Ships own earth science professor, doctor Allison Feeney, is the… Read More ›

Arrests in Shippensburg

1/24/2019 By Dani Banda Just recently a chart was released of the top 25 universities with the highest arrest rates. Shippensburg university was shown as the number one school with an average of twenty-nine point four drug and alcohol arrests per one thousand students. S.U.P.D’s detective Karl Schucholz says arrests increase when students are back on… Read More ›

PA Senator Headlines Shippensburg MLK March

1/24/2019 By: Megan Talley SHIPPENSBURG – The 32nd Annual MLK March for Humanity will be taking place next Thursday, 1/31, in Old Main Chapel. This year’s event will feature Pennsylvania Senator Vincent J. Hughes, who’s been serving in the State House of Representatives since 1987 and was recently elected as chairman for the Senate Appropriations… Read More ›

Ship’s New Graduate Programs

12/13/2018 By Dani Banda SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg just announced new information about graduation programs. Shippensburg offers graduate programs in business, counseling and social work, education, professional leadership and humanities and sciences. Qualified students are eligible for assistantships and financial aid to help pay for school. For more information, visit

Ho-Ho-Holiday Theft

11/29/2018 By DiShawn Vance and Breanna Brown SHIPPENSBURG – Some of Shippensburg’s closest shops are just a mile away. As it gets closer to the holiday season, companies tend to notice a slight rise in shoplifting. A Dollar General manager, said that people get “grabby” when the holidays come around. She said people try to… Read More ›

Receive A Grant To Travel

11/29/2018 By: Allison Kline SHIPPENSBURG – The College of Arts and Sciences student travel grant program gives students the chance to travel to a professional conference. They have the chance to present a paper, poster or an oral presentation at this conference. The Dean of Arts and Sciences created this fund to help student participate… Read More ›

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